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It grew from a very simple idea, done for the right reasons, bringing people together for the love of  live music, community and rock and roll. Apulstock is an independent, community based, not-for-profit event run by volunteers as a music festival, for Adults with Learning Disabilities.

The purpose of the festival is to offer people with learning disabilities the opportunity to rock out and enjoy live music in an authentic and safe festival environment. We aspire to create the best event possible for people who would not normally get the opportunity to go to a music festival.

Apulstock started in the summer of 2011. The original idea was to offer the people who attend the Apuldram Centre the opportunity to camp out. Before long there was going to be a BBQ. A Social Worker called Mike Hobson heard about the BBQ and offered to come and play some music in exchange for food & love.  By the time summer finally came around there had been lots of offers from people wanting to come along, get involved, play music, cook food, donate tents and embrace everything that makes the Apuldram community unique. Apulstock brought the centre a new pool table with the funds raised.

Apulstock was a day for the people of Apuldram. A day for the Apuldram community. Not to focus on the things that make us different, not to look at each other in terms of disability, but to simply enjoy each other’s company and some outstanding music.

For Apulstock 2012 the line up increased to include 15 bands, including everything from 80’s rock to Dubstep.

Apulstock 2013 & 2014 were hosted by Matt Baker at Church Farm in Bosham. The festival is now set to return to The Apuldram Centre for it’s 5th  anniversary.

The purpose of Apulstock is to offer a festival experience to people that would not normally have the chance to visit a music festival, however anyone is welcome to attend. Tickets are limited so it is recommended that guests book early. If you would be interested in coming along to Apulstock. Please feel free to email us:

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